Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Beginner's Guide to Comic Art Characters - published by 3dtotal

I'm featured in the 3dtotal's "Beginner's Guide to Comic Art Characters"! YAY!
You can order it from this LINK
The book includes:

The tools of the trade
Traditional tools by Warren Louw
Digital tools by Borislav Mitkov
Essential skills: part 1
Body by Steve Rude
Faces by Steve Rude
Poses by Steve Rude
Essential skills: part 2
Inking by James Goodwin
Coloring by Sean Ellery
Character projects
Reptilian hero - Seth by Ilya Golitsyn
Male villain - Fiddler Johnny by Borislav Mitkov
Female villain - The Princess by Marco Paal
Sci-fi female - Dawn by Skyosan
Post-apocalyptic male - The Shaman by Grzegorz Przybyƛ
Villainous henchman - The Captain by Marco Paal
Female superhero - Miss Deeplane by Louis
Sci-fi male - The Knightingale by Pasquale Qualano
Female cyborg - Bionic Guard by Gary Choo
Quick tips

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Corel Painter Masters 2016 voting

Corel Pinter Masters 2016 open voting is up and running. I would appreciate if you spend a minute to visit this link and vote for me: Vote for me! Thank you!